WordPress Blog Served from Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services

A few days ago, I wrote about Amazon S3 capabilities to run static web sites. You can read more about this on this post. Today I discovered real example of WordPress blog powered by Amazon S3.  All Things Distributed is WordPress blog running entirely on Amazon S3 without any need for database or server resources. But how is this possible? Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, is describing how to make static WordPress blog to came alive and Amazon S3 is perfect choice for doing this job. Continue reading


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Amazon S3 Hosting Static Web Sites

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Simple Storage Service is one of IaaS services provided by AWS. The main purpose of Amazon S3 is to provide storage for various online solutions running in or outside cloud. As for all AWS products also applies for S3 to pay as much as you need. It is secure, fast and scalable (at least most of the time, as we know Amazon customers had some problems with data loss). Continue reading

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