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WordPress Blog Served from Amazon S3

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A few days ago, I wrote about Amazon S3 capabilities to run static web sites. You can read more about this on this post. Today I discovered real example of WordPress blog powered by Amazon S3.  All Things Distributed is WordPress blog running entirely on Amazon S3 without any need for database or server resources. But how is this possible? Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, is describing how to make static WordPress blog to came alive and Amazon S3 is perfect choice for doing this job.

Image representing Werner Vogels as depicted i...

There are obviously some drawbacks. There is no users and realtime collaboration, although it would be possible to display widget which could serve dynamic content from remote servers. Before posting anything new the entirely web site has to be generated again, and this can be time consuming. This realy is the Hackers way.

On the other hand there is no server administration, no web site down messages and a less security vulnerabilities. It is not platform dependant and faster to download and to display.


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