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Virtual Hard Drive resizing

VirtualBox is one of the most useful virtualization software available for free.

Creating virtual machine is easy, just a few clicks and we are able to explore new operating system. What we need to sacrifice is some processor time, RAM memory and a few GBof hard drive. These resources can be dynamically allocated, even the hard drive.


Recently, I had set up a developement environment on a virtual machine running Windows 7. Hard disk has been dynamically allocated at 30 GB. I was running GlassFish server with MySQL database and Eclipse IDE. I also had installed ruby with rails framework along and Aptana Studio. As you can imagine VHD become insufficient. As I couldn’t afford to install everything from scratch again, I decided to extend virtual disk.

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Tomcat Server running as Windows service

English: Logo of Русский: Логотип Apache Tomcat

How to install service for Tomcat 6.x/7.x to start automatically after reboot on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008?

First of all, you will need administrator privileges to install service. This step by step guide is for standalone zip version of Tomcat Server.

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Set portlet public rendered parameters

Inter portlet communication (IPC) between portlets (JSR 286) can be done with public rendered parameters.

And how to append this parameters to links? Liferay Portal framework provides JSP taglib to generate portlet render and action links.

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Stylebot. Very useful alternative for Firebug on Mozilla Firefox or Firebug Lite on Google Chrome.

It can keep edited style through page request and even apply style to similar pages (sub pages).