Google Maps Internationalization

Google Maps API supports internationalization of user interface and locations names. In order to add language definition to our map we have to provide additional parameter language to <script> declaration. <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt; Source: With this kind of language declaration we can define only one language (if we forget JavaScript DOM manipulation). What we […]


Stylebot.┬áVery useful alternative for Firebug on Mozilla Firefox or Firebug Lite on Google Chrome. It can keep edited style through page request and even apply style to similar pages (sub pages). Related articles Firefox 10 Is Here. Is it Worth Your Time? ( Mozilla Launches Firefox 11 Beta with Add-on Sync, SPDY Support and a […]

Cloud Service Providers

For a few years we hear about cloud computing, its benefits and savings on one side and security risks on other. Clearly this innovative use of technology brings a lot of new opportunities for software developers as for common users. With fast grow of smart mobile phones, arise need for fast application development with reliable […]