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Set portlet public rendered parameters

Inter portlet communication (IPC) between portlets (JSR 286) can be done with public rendered parameters.

And how to append this parameters to links? Liferay Portal framework provides JSP taglib to generate portlet render and action links.

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Stylebot. Very useful alternative for Firebug on Mozilla Firefox or Firebug Lite on Google Chrome.

It can keep edited style through page request and even apply style to similar pages (sub pages).


Windows 8 Developer Preview

As we can read and hear Microsoft is working on next version of Windows OS  which will be, as it is speculated, ready to release in mid 2012. For curious users (read geeks ;)) Microsoft released a developer preview version. This is definitely smart move as they would get feedback from users and chance to redesign things before is too late.

If we have car hybrids why couldn’t we have OS hybrids and new Windows is the first memebr. Microsoft decided to merge desktop OS with tablet OS.

Installing Windows on VirtualBox disk was a routine procedure after enabling IO APIC feature. On first run a next generation user interface Metro comes up with hyperlinks to games, social networks and programs. There is also a link to Windows desktop. Hyperlinks are represented as boxes and organized on grid in 4 stacks. Each box have large and small view and can be sorted or moved from one stack to another. Application hyperlinks can be removed or installed.

I agree, Metro is really nice design for tablets with touch screen, but on a personal computer or developement machines could be annoying to switch between both desktops. Also this application hyperlinks are not so convenient for mouse navigation.

It seems that Metro is build on top of windows desktop and for now is very badly implemented within. We can only hope that Microsoft will allow to disable Metro front and make more developer friendly OS.


Ubuntu 11.10 Released

In an earlier release Ubuntu introduced a desktop environment Unity, which was accepted by Linux users very differently. I was writing about bad user experience with Unity and some drawbacks in one of my posts: It’s time to go open source.

Oneiric means “dreamy”, and the combination with Ocelot reminds me of the way innovation happens: part daydream, part discipline. Next after Natty?

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Port Scanner published on GitHub

SVG version of Bug silk.png by Avatar

With Port Scanner you can easily check for open ports on your system or at any address. Frequently used ports can be saved in profiles and used later on different hosts. All ports are displayed in a table and can be filtered and ordered. The user has two options, he can scan all ports at once or each port separately. User can also edit host on selected port or remove port from scanning. Two types of adding ports are introduced. User can add individual port or selected port range. If port number is already in the table no port is added.

Link to GIthub project:

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Wordpress Blog Served from Amazon S3

Amazon Web Services

A few days ago, I wrote about Amazon S3 capabilities to run static web sites. You can read more about this on this post. Today I discovered real example of WordPress blog powered by Amazon S3.  All Things Distributed is WordPress blog running entirely on Amazon S3 without any need for database or server resources. But how is this possible? Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, is describing how to make static WordPress blog to came alive and Amazon S3 is perfect choice for doing this job. Continue reading “WordPress Blog Served from Amazon S3”

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Establishing connection to AMI

Amazon Web Services

Ever trying to connect to Amazon Machine Image over SSH? Then you should read this. The username of AMI’s user is bitnami, at least for Bitnami Ubuntu images. I wont write specific instructions how to connect for Unix and Windows, as there are many other resources doing that. However I will describe possible issues that can occur with using Amazon EC2 services. Continue reading “Establishing connection to AMI”