Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Computing

For a few years we hear about cloud computing, its benefits and savings on one side and security risks on other. Clearly this innovative use of technology brings a lot of new opportunities for software developers as for common users. With fast grow of smart mobile phones, arise need for fast application development with reliable back-end. We can easily say that web hosting providers could not be able to give enough processing power and bandwidth to serve all request from mobile apps.

Financial crisis is surely one of the reasons for fast technology burst. Companies which cannot offer competitive, reliable and creative services have been out of business long time ago, only the most flexible are survivors. For instance Apple is now most valuable company on the world and it comes from IT branch. Guys from Cupertino monthly delivers new products to gain new customers every day. Their business model based on exact and reliable deliveries. Last IT company at top of the ranking was Microsoft in 2003.


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